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We Are Humn

Simply a collective for all humans to prosper.

Using a combination of simple, timeless and effective practices to raise your vibration, connect you with your physical body and those around you and most importantly help you become your authentic self.
Join us on this journey as we transcend societal conditioning so we as humans can live how we are meant to live, healthy, happy and free.

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Humn Community

Combining new age techniques with ancient and timeless practices we bring you a protocol to clear blockages in your life, balance your energy, enhance your well being and align yourself with a new healthier life.

Humn Events are designed, structured and inspired by the "Five Elements Theory". Traditional Chinese Medicine and its philosophy date back at least 2,200 years.

It’s origins describes the Five Elements as for their interactions and relationships between things and are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe. 

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What's involved?



The use of breath to enhance well-being. Combining ancient practices with scientifically backed techniques to bring you back in to your centre.


Intentional Movement

Utilising QiGong, Yoga and other forms of movement to build physical resilience and release tension in the body.



Community and connection are a big focus at our events. We encourage meeting new people and building a greater sense of community with like minded people.


Sound Harmony

Harnessing the healing powers of sounds we collaborate with incredibly talented humans to enhance the expereince.



A guided process to connect with self and to find peace and space within one's own mind and body..

Humn Mindfullness

Upcoming Events


A Holistic Health Clinic That Offers A Range Of Alternative Therapies Including:

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Breathwork, "Tuina" massage - Lymphatic Drainage - Reflexology - Cupping Therapy - Facsia Stretch Therapy - Kinesio Taping - Craniosacral

And More.


Alon Therapy Method


Giving You The Power To Take Your Health In Your Hand

"Healing Power Comes From Within"


Humn Presents

Unlock The Power Of Facilitation Techniques To Deepen Your Connection To Self And Develop Your Skills To Become A Confident Leader And A Humn Facilitator 

Become A Humn Facilitator And Transform Group Dynamics

Humn Facilitator level 1

Start June 1st 2024


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