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Corporate Wellness

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Healthy and happy employess create a win-win situation

What your team can learn


Facilitated by Jonty

A lover of all things health and wellness along with adventure and adrenaline based activities. Passionate to live a healthy fulfilling life and serve other humans so they can live their own fullest potential.

Jonty tailors for your specific needs

Whether large or small we can tailor specific programs and sessions that cater for your requirements.


These sessions are delivered in person on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas (subject to travel costs) or online via video call.


If you believe in the power of breathwork and meditation and want your team to experience the benefits these practices can provide then please get in touch.


We would love to discuss how we can be of service to the thriving environment you wish to create for your team mates and employees.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is proven to bring more stillness to mind and a feeling of calm to the body and emotions. In a work environment, these two attributes lead to significant increases in employee satisfaction which leads to an increase in productivity. 

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Employee Connection

An optional extra for our sessions includes an array of exercises we have developed. Depending on the business we use specific games and exercises that support employees to learn more about themselves whilst simultaneously getting to know other team members more. Comradery is key to a thriving business environment.

All humans breathe on daily basis.


True fact: It is fatal to not breathe for an extended period of time. 


Ofcourse this true above which indicates that incorrect breathing patterns significantly shorten one's lifespan. A large percentage of people have never learnt how to utilise the breath for their own health and well being.


Skills that are simple and effective to teach and practice and require no previous experience.


Open to all that have airways and lungs.

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