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Who We Are


We are simply two friends connected by the same vision.


One of shaping the world into a better place through personal empowerment.


Through our daily actions and our input into society, we aim to give back what we have learnt. To share with our communities and beyond the power of the human body when we decide to take charge.

Humn is for all of us here who call ourselves Humans. 

Join us on this adventure.

The Story of Humn

Founded in 2022

HUMN is the source of all life. The truest essence that we represent at our deepest core. Our truest being and fullest expression of being human. Human beings and all their glory. We have one life to live and within this life, we have the ability to fully express ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through a range of practices.

Through our experiences, and along this journey we have gathered and cultivated practices that harness the power of the human body to heal, repair, restore and maintain its vitality. We believe deeply in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally from anything it creates. If certain conditions can create illness and disease then certain conditions can heal and repair disease and illness. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction was quoted by ‘Albert Einstein” and this means that for each action we take and make we get a response equal to the energy put in. From working on and developing the body through the incorporation of the 5 elements we can strive for a state of ultimate balance within our being. Truly becoming HUMN in its peak form.

We will never reach a point of perfection, there is no such thing. However, we continue the journey and discovery of what our body, mind and soul needs and what our intuition is telling us by listening to our inner voice to guide us to becoming a better version of ourselves through our actions each and every day.

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