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Jonty James

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Exclusive Services

Hi there dear Human, thank you for coming to this page.


This is the first step towards a life of choice. A choice of commitment to being the best version of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so you can support not only yourself but those around you and your wider community. 

Throughout my journey, I have sought far and wide to improve my life situation. I sought perfection, so much so that life became very restricted in the things I could do and not do. So hard on myself for not getting it right that I resented the very structures and systems I developed.


This had to shift. I then let this tight grip of control on my life go and allowed myself to be open to everything, non-exclusive to all of life. The extreme polarization of these states I lived in was not conducive to a life I wanted to embody. So search continued.


Through deep immersive work, I sought to understand the foundations of my life and what beliefs underpinned my actions. In doing this I discovered a life of committed discipline alongside a willingness to go with the flow when required has yielded the best results. A state of being that allows me to flow between being industrious whilst being in a state of equanimity in my endeavours. A state acceptance for the ebs and flows of being human and a knowing that life is happening through me.

I have gathered this knowledge and apply these learnings into my work. Through our action, learning and knowledge we build wisdom. This is a process I am partnered with and I love guiding others to the understandings that have helped me most. 

If this is of interest and you would like to know more I offer a free 30 minute discovery call. You need to answer some question first to gauge where you are at in life and to determine if this is something that is going to benefit your direction moving forward. 

Much Love


30 Minute Discovery Call


This is an opportunity to meet and greet with the intention of understanding where you currently are in life and what you want to focus on to overcome present or past challenges holding you back.


I will share how I may be of service to assist and inspire change in this area, alternatively if this is something I do not specialise in I have a network of other specialists that will potentially be more suited to your needs.


1on1 In Person Private Breathwork Session

$250 AUD incl 20 mins travel time*

For individuals wanting to harness the power of breathwork whilst being held in a safe container to work through what arises. We start by sharing where you currently are in life, where you want to be and what is holding you back from this. Based on this understanding I tailor the session to your desires. By utilising different modes of breath, body practices and visualisation you are guided through an experience to unlock the blocks in your current life situation. This is followed by a discussion that unpacks what has arisen. Sessions are booked for 90 Minutes. Additional cost for couples.

*This is for residents of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas (subject to additional travel costs).


Group Facilitation

Cost: Tailored to specific needs

For corporates, communities, groups and gatherings. 


Whether it is for team bonding or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or other celebrations I can tailor an array of practices to suit your needs.

This can be delivered in-person and online with a combination of any of the following practices; guided breathwork, meditation, mindfulness discussions, cacao ceremonies, connection exercises and other practices that build connection and awareness within one's body. 


Please get in contact in the form below to discuss further.  


Self Mastery Coaching

$2997.00 AUD

If you decide you want to commit to working with me to bring about transformation in your life please find the breakdown below.


Set over a 12-week timeline we work through multiple facets of being, starting with and then moving through the physical body and updates required to be functioning at a high level, the past and moving forward, mindstate and mindset, current reality, emotional connection, future projection, spiritual connection and then integration of the parts.

Accompanying this work will be two compulsory 30-minute live guided breathwork sessions in Week 1 and Week 6.

Book in a 30 Minute Discovery Session to get started

Let's Work Together

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