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Sleep Basics




4 Weeks


About the Course

Sleep has to be the most important facet of human health. This is the part of the day where we get to recharge our batteries, integrate the learnings from the day, repair cells and wishfully wake up ready for another day of adventure on planet earth.

When our sleep suffers we suffer deeply. In this short course we will cover the basics around how to have a good sleep, starting from what we do when we first wake up in the morning, through our daily actions and what we do in the final hours before bed. All having a role on our ability to fall asleep easily, stay asleep, deeply rest and wake up feeling refreshed the following morning.

Your Instructor

Jonty Coats Harrison

Jonty is deeply passionate about all things health and wellness. He has spent the past 12 years in pursuit of building a healthier, stronger functional body and shares this wisdom with you today.

Jonty Coats Harrison
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