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Become a Humn Facilitator
Have you always felt the call to hold space for others?

Become a teacher of new age and ancient practices in order to help others transcend.

We've created a unique formula that will get you to the level of being able to facilitate both big and small groups.

Nail it with an incredible amount of positive feedback.

Reach your full potential while making an impact on a larger scale.

Become a better human.



*Gold Coast Region Only

Humn Facilitator level 1

Start February 2023



Humn Facilitator Training

04/02 - First Week - Self Facilitation

11/02 - Second Week - Power of social Media

18/02 - Third Week - Five Elements Theory

Wood Element: Movement/Warm up

25/02 - Fourth Week 

Fire Element: Connection,Sound Immersion

04/03 - Fifth Week 

Earth Element: Qi Gong, Journaling

11/03 - Sixth Week 

Metal / Air Element : Breathwork & Guided Meditation
Water Element : Ice bath, Cold plunge

18/03 - Seventh Week  

Final exam - Hold a space.

Sunday’s @ The Creek
Tellabudgera Creek, Palm Beach
- Humn Facilitator Certification-

Five Elements Theory

elements transpercy .png

Humn events are inspired, designed and structured by the Five Elements Theory.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and its philosophy date back at least 2,200 years.

It’s origins describes the five elements as for their interactions and relationships between things and are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe. 

Humn Facilitator Course 5 element.001.jpeg







Limited Offer: 7 Week Program

"Reaching your potential while making an impact on a large scale ."

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