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Humn Presents

Unlock The Power Of Facilitation Techniques To Deepen Your Connection To Self And Develop Your Skills To Become A Confident Leader And A Humn Facilitator 

Become a Humn Facilitator and Transform Group Dynamics!

Humn Facilitator level 1

Start: October 28th 2023


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What do you get?

Learn how to facilitate:



Group Connection


Cold Plunge

  •  7 weeks course content and accountability from our team

  • 1:1 personal training from Humn instructors.

  • Learn the Humn "Five Elements Theory".

  • Sound healing therapy education

  • Opportunity to facilitate at Humn's event

  • Improve confidence and performance.

  • Learn how to use body language and communication skills.

  • Find your own niche. 

  • Collaborations and social media.

  • Build your own audience.

  • Learn how to hold space and become a leader.

  • ​Full support from Humn Instructors.


First Week - Self Facilitation 

Second Week - Power of social Media

Third Week - Five Elements Theory:
Wood Element

Fourth Week - Fire Element
 Connection Exercises
Sound Workshop

Fifth Week 
Earth Element
Qi Gong, Grounding Practices

Sixth Week 
Metal / Air Element
Breathwork & Guided Meditation
Water Element
Ice bath, Cold plunge

Seventh Week
Final exam - Hold space at

Sunday’s @ The Creek
'Humn Facilitator Certification'

Humn Certificate.png

Five Elements Theory

elements transpercy .png

Discover the transformative power of facilitation through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element Theory in our comprehensive Human Facilitator Course. This unique program is designed to equip you with expert facilitation skills while aligning with the principles of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water elements. By mastering each element's essence, you'll learn to effectively hold space for large groups of people, fostering growth, collaboration, and meaningful outcomes.

Humn Facilitator Course 5 element.001.jpeg


Benefits of the Course:

Holistic Expertise: Immerse yourself in Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element Theory to enhance your understanding of human dynamics, enabling you to create impactful facilitation experiences.

Dynamic Leadership: Acquire the skills to lead diverse groups with confidence, adapting your approach according to the unique characteristics of each element.

Effective Communication: Learn to foster genuine connections, enabling participants to express themselves freely, while maintaining a balanced and respectful dialogue.

Harmonious Collaboration: Gain insights into harnessing group dynamics to create harmonious interactions, facilitating productive collaboration and problem-solving.

Personal Growth: Embrace personal growth as you master each element, enhancing your own qualities of innovation, connection, stability, precision, and wisdom.

Transformative Impact: Harness the power of holding space for larger groups, enabling them to explore ideas, overcome challenges, and collectively reach transformative outcomes.




Apply Now: Starts October 2023

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