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21 Day Breathwork Challenge

Breathwork to unlock the power within you

Image by Augustine Wong
What is a 21 day breathwork challenge?

A commitment to yourself

A commitment to a gentle practice that clears and reorganises the mind, body and emotions and allows for more internal space.

A journey of self discovery

You will be guided through nine live 30 minute themed breathwork sessions alongside working through a workbook that only requires 5 minutes per day

A shared experience

This will be a private group journey where you will be able to share your experience with others in this container to support each other and learn from others

Over the 21 days you will learn and experience

Why 21 days?

  • 21 days is the time frame for initiating a new habit into one's daily life

  • It's a commitment but it's also not a stretch. Therefore making it very achievable

  • 21 days of consistency with breathwork will assist in expanding your awareness and trigger more motivation to continue this practice

Outline for the 21 Days

3 Live Sessions Each Week

- Mondays 6.30am (AEST)

- Tuesdays 6.30am (AEST)

- Wednesday 5.30pm (AEST)

21 day Workbook

5 minutes a day of self practice to follow alongside some daily questions to answer in the workbook.

Recoreded sessions

If you are unable to attent any of the live sessions a recording will be available for you to go through at your own pace. This is recommended to be done on the day of the session. These sessions can be re-listened to and used at any time. 


Facilitated by Jonty James,
Co-Founder of Humn.

Guiding you through this unique journey I will share my experience along with insights into utilising breathwork to grow as a Human and how this has changed my life in so many ways. 

Join the Breathwork Challenge

We're excited for you!


Thanks for Joining!

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